Automotive Pressure Washers & Cleaning Equipment

At Watts Steam Store, we have the innovative cleaning solutions that you need to keep your auto body shop or car dealership in tip-top shape. The automotive industry comes with a whole host of messes, including oil, rubber, solvents, hardware, and other debris, so it’s important to have an efficient cleaning strategy in place. Our selection of automotive pressure washers and cleaning equipment for clients in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming will help you stand out above the competition.

For dealerships, we have everything you need to maintain safe, spotless, and appealing facilities. Clean up your showroom, front offices, and other places where you interact with customers, with our sweeping machines, automotive pressure washers, and steam cleaners. Keep your vehicles spotless, your workshops hazard-free, and your detail centers efficient. Slash your overhead costs and water waste with our line of effective and environmentally-conscious cleaning machines.

For service stations, we understand that cleanliness means more customers and faster revenue. Our lineup of automotive pressure washers, vacuums, and sweepers will help you keep both your interior and exterior operations safe, clean, and appealing. Say goodbye to the dirt, grime, and debris that your customers don’t want to see, and say hello to a fresh, tidy, and efficient facility instead.

When you want to learn more about our cleaning solutions, including pressure washers for your Idaho, Wyoming, or Utah service station, get in touch with one of our friendly technicians at Watts Steam Store.