Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace Systems

The World Leader in Waste Oil Recycling

Properly burning away used oil requires machinery with precision engineering and a reliable reputation. Clean Burn heating units meet and exceed these standards with industry-leading waste oil recycling. Industry experts understand that every batch of used oil has developed its own unique viscosity and grime. A good waste oil recycling machine, available now in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho from Watts Steam Store, can handle a variety of materials and qualities. Known across the industry for the longest lasting and most effective waste oil recycling machines, Clean Burn heating units bring energy savings and a better bottom line. 


An investment in a Clean Burn waste oil furnace means an investment in the efficiency and comfort of your employees. Our machines take waste oil from vehicles and turn it into heat during cold winter days. Or, if your industry requires equipment or machinery to be kept in a set climate, Clean Burn furnace heaters might be the answer. 

Every gallon of waste oil offers energy potential for your business. By burning waste oils to produce heat in a variety of industrial settings, Clean Burn manages to reduce environmental waste and increase energy savings. Waste oil recycling machines are built to work with many kinds of oil from cars, trucks, and industrial equipment, including transmission fluid, crankcase oil, and hydraulic fluid. 

Instead of hauling away waste oil or paying a high electrical bill, customers of Watts Steam Store can invest in repurposing resources for cost savings. Dividends from Clean Burn waste oil recycling are both immediate and long-term, with less energy use and more materials efficiency. 

To find out more about Clean Burn waste oil recycling and heating units in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho, contact the Watts Steam Store team at 1-800-488-6215