Watts Hydraulics and CNC Machining 

Our engineering department will take your concept to reality. Watts has a engineering staff on board that uses Solid Works design software to help with this. Once design is complete, our Machine shop and or Fab shop works their magic to make your dream come true. From 1 offs to production runs, we've got you covered.


Machining capacities:

  • Manual lathe: turning 26" diameter, up to 160" long, 4"spindle through bore
  • Manual mill: 9" wide X 42" long X 14" tall
  • CNC lathe: turning 18" diameter, up to 23" long, 3" spindle through bore
  • CNC mill: 32" wide X 64" long X 30" tall, with 4th axis


Industries we cater to:

  • Agriculture
  • Dairy
  • Food Processing
  • Heavy Equipment structural repair
  • Irrigation Pump machine work
  • Electric motor machine work
  • Hydraulic Ram repair and mfg. complete new

Contact us for more information at (208) 734-3694