Commercial Pressure Washer Detergents

Watts Steam Store is proud to offer Hotsy’s high quality pressure washer detergents, cleaners & soaps. Hotsy soaps will help your pressure washer make short work of any job!

A wide selection of biodegradable pressure washer detergents and soaps are available at Watts Steam Store’s locations in Utah and Idaho at affordable prices. These cleaning supplies are specifically made for both hot and cold water pressure washers. Our helpful staff across Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada can show you the right amount of pressure washer soap to use so you can save time and money on even the messiest jobs.

The right kinds of pressure washer detergent, soaps and cleaning supplies can make your equipment last longer. Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives in their power washer soaps are specially formulated to stop equipment corrosion and prevent soap and hard water build-up. Hotsy power washer detergent also protects metal surfaces with anti-corrosion and rust additives.

For any size cleaning project on any budget, Watts Steam Stores in Idaho and Utah have the right pressure washer soap for you. We have a huge selection of pressure washer soaps and detergents in many different sizes including: five-gallon pales, 55-gallon drums and 200-gallon on site storage Bulk Packs to handle whatever kind of project you have on your budget.

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