Hotsy Pressure Washers & Industrial Cleaning Systems

Rugged, dependable, long-lasting. You won’t find a better industrial pressure washer for cleaning jobs.

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Nothing cleans industrial equipment like a Hotsy pressure washer. Known for their durability and strength, these machines can blast away the toughest of dirt or grease stains. 

Since 1970, Hotsy has revolutionized cleaning across a wide array of commercial industries, from waste management to agriculture. Hotsy manufactures both hot and cold pressure washers to ensure that no mess is unconquerable. While cold pressure washers can quickly wash away caked dirt or mud, hot pressure washers work away at grease and stains. Whatever your cleaning application, the Hotsy technicians at Watts Steam Store can help you find the perfect hot or cold pressure washer and show you how to use it. 

Watts Steam Store offers more than 100 models of pressure washers and parts from Hotsy. With a trusted guarantee for each piece of Hotsy equipment sold, every investment in our hot or cold pressure washers is essentially risk-free. During the decision process, the Watts Steam Store team works with you to select the best custom pressure washer parts and accessories for your industry, ensuring that your cleaning equipment is as efficient and long-lasting as possible. 

Choosing the right hot or cold pressure washer at Watts Steam Store in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming might seem overwhelming. Your business depends on equipment that can quickly spray away dirt or grime and keep up with production timelines. The team at Watt Steam Store has comprehensive knowledge of most pressure washer industries. Using more than 20 years of experience, they can act as your primary resource for questions and advice as you narrow down your selection. 

Contact Watts Steam Store to find out more about our hot and cold pressure washers for sale across Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. 1-800-488-6215

“Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!” They’re the toughest, most powerful, and longest lasting pressure washers out there.