Mattei Air Compressors

Innovators in compressor technology - Raise Efficiencies with Patented Vane Technology

Since Mattei first developed the Rotary Vane Compressor in 1958, industries around the world have depended on it for reliable power and speed in their manufacturing equipment. The research and development team at Mattei has continually improved upon this model and diversified its capabilities. The advantages of proprietary vane technology are multitudinous. In comparison with traditional rotary screw compressors, the rotary vane compressor provides more power with less energy consumption. Designed around efficiency, the rotary vane compressor from Mattei can save you money while bringing you faster output.

Unconventionally Reliable & Efficient

Research and development conducted around the rotary vane compressor from Mattei has confirmed the following technical advantages:

* Reliable: Quality guaranteed with a 10 year warranty. Built for long life and low speeds.

* Efficient: ~90% mechanical efficiency. High energy savings at slower speeds.

* Durable: Twice the life of a screw rotary, 100,000 hours of use with Airend design

* Simple: Fewer moving parts and direct drive feature. (Recently Patented)

* Economical: Low operating cost, energy savings, higher productivity (KW/100 energy saving model)

Available for Use in All Applications - Rotary Vane Air Compressors

The automotive, industrial, and manufacturing industries depend on Mattei’s rotary vane air compressors, available to customers in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, for efficient production times and dependable quality. Contact the team at Watts Steam Store today to learn more about the variety of Mattei products available, including rotary vane air compressors, refrigerated dryers & tanks, specialty compressors & systems, and more. 

A Model For Every Application