Hotsy Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

Watts Steam Store offers a wide selection of pressure washer accessories, as well as replacement parts. 

If your industry requires a particular type of cleaning that standard equipment doesn’t cover, Watts Steam Store can help you choose from a selection of pressure washer accessories, available to our customers across Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. 1-800-488-6215

The power of an industrial pressure washer is indisputable. A hot or cold stream of water will blast away grease, grime, and tough stains no matter how deep or intense the mess. There’s no need for intense labor or long cleaning hours when you purchase a Hotsy pressure washer and its corresponding accessories. We offer this effective industrial cleaning solution to communities across Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Watts Steam Store can act as an expert resource for any question posed about your new or used Hotsy pressure washer. Our team can help you select the right pressure washer accessories to ensure complete longevity and success for your equipment. We offer onsite demonstrations to assist you in the decision-making process, providing tips about handling for each model of pressure washer in your individual environment. With thousands of replacement parts available from Watts Steam Store, you can also count on as your first resource for repairs or other service if your pressure washer needs a touch-up.

With an inventory that includes trigger guns, high pressure hoses, high pressure nozzles, engines, unloaders, motors, filters, pumps, and wands, our vast array of pressure washer accessories is available to customers across Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. 

Telescoping wands - Lengths from 6 to 24 feet. Extend the reach of your pressure washer to high up regions and other hard-to-reach areas. Available for pressure washers up to 4000 PSI. 

Flat surface cleaners - Great for cleaning the floors of parking lots, warehouses, trailers, and more. Can be used with both hot and cold pressure washers. 

Turbo nozzles - Get an extra boost to your PSI with high-pressure nozzles that use a jackhammer blast to decimate dirt and other detritus. Recommended for caked mud and dirt on construction equipment.

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