Polar Cooled Evaporative Coolers

Industrial facilities choose PolarCool for their warehouse air conditioning needs because of its high efficiency at low energy costs. The refrigerator air from a PolarCool machine is refreshing and can reach a large area of space in a short amount of time. No other evaporative cooling system compares to the quality and effectiveness of a PolarCool system. 

Every PolarCool unit includes durable pads, powerful pumps, and high end stainless steel cabinets. 

Cool-Space Evaporative Coolers

  • Lowers temperature up to 33°F
  • 8" thick media for the most effective cooling
  • Pump protection with automatic low water shut off
  • Ground fault protection for your safety
  • Tough, durable housing with UV protection.
  • Strongest warranty in the industry

The team at Watts Steam Store is eager to help you find the perfect warehouse air conditioning solutions in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming with PolarCool. We also offer maintenance and replacement parts for your warehouse when your warehouse cooling is malfunctioning. Learn more about these financially-feasible products by reaching out to a Watts Steam Store sales associate.  (800) 488-6215