Industrial Strength Portable Heaters Deliver Heat Where and When You Need

VAL 6 Infrared Heaters

VAL6 is the most fuel efficient radiant infrared portable heater unit on the market, available now from Watts Steam Store in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. The VAL6 radiant heater can start up or shut off in seconds and reaches peak efficiency in less than a minute. Since the VAL6 radiant infrared heater unit doesn't lose heat to the air, it uses less fuel and BTU's go way beyond the comfort level of any standard portable heater.

Sunlight Warmth - VAL6's radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just like sunlight.

Best Choice for Outdoors - VAL6's performance is unique in the outdoors and unlike forced air heaters, which lose heat from wind and cold air.

No Air Movement Dust Free - The VAL6 portable unit generates straightforward infrared heat which is unaffected by air flow, thus creating a comfortable and dust free environment.

Odorless - VAL6's perfect combustion system produces no odor and no smoke while running. The exhaust gas goes upward.

Applications - The VAL6 portable unit can be used both as a heater and dryer. Its rugged construction enables it to provide dependable service anywhere including Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Indoors, outdoors, factories, warehouses, construction sites - when you want the very best - request the VAL6 infrared heater.

* Heating in a large warehouse

* Warms up machines and personnel

* Winter construction: heats up materials, machines, and working sites

* Drying surfaces

* Personal heating

Hotsy Portable Radiant & Indirect Heaters

Hotsy portable heaters provide a heating solution which works quickly and is designed for industrial use. CSA approved, the HeatMizer and RedHot Cannon offer reliable heat when and where you need it.

Hotsy’s HeatMizer Series provides reliable radiant heat directly without moving air

The HeatMizer Series is Hotsy’s line of portable radiant heaters with clean combustion and 99.9% efficiency. Using diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene or jet fuel, the HeatMizers innovation lies in the elimination of the refractory material cone that surrounds the combustion chamber on competitive heaters. The direct heat flow radiates instead of blowing air, so there’s no air movement.

The HeatMizer features a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external protection cone. The cooling air is blown through the pocket by the burner fan, which overcomes the fragility and brittleness of ceramic cones. This keeps the frame cool to the touch.

Hotsy’s RedHot Cannon portable forced-air heaters provide indirect heating where you need it

The RedHot Cannon Series is Hotsy’s line of portable forced-air indirect heaters. Using diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene or jet fuel, the RedHot Cannon can be ducted to provide clean, dry healthy heat for outdoor events and residential or commercial construction sites.

Diesel indirect-fired portable heaters use an embedded burner with combustion air obtained from the main ventilation fan. The RedHot Cannon heaters feature a four-pass heat exchanger that contains the flame and expels fumes through a chimney connected to the outside. This technology allows exhaust gases to increase heat exchange with the cooling air and obtain maximum thermal efficiency.

Clean Burn Radiant Heaters

The Clean Burn Radiant Heater is a portable radiant heater producing 135,000 BTU/HR on low and 154,000 BTU/HR on high. The rugged all steel frame allows the Radiant Heater to be used in a variety of work spaces including construction sites, agricultural applications, sporting events, automotive repair facilities and many other uses. The Clean Burn Radiant Heater will warm objects and people to provide an efficient, portable heat source.