Water Maze Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze is the leader in Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Washing your equipment and environment with a pressure washer from Watts Steam Store isn’t as simple as blasting away caked on mud and dirt. Once your machinery is clean, the wastewater can’t just drain down your standard plumbing system. Water from your industrial cleaning job could wreak havoc on company pipes, causing clogs or erosion. That’s why you need a Water Maze wastewater treatment system from Watts Steam Store in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. Water Maze is an industry leader in wastewater cleaning, with more than 11,000 of their systems installed worldwide. 

Water Maze systems aren’t built exclusively around wastewater treatment for pressure washer runoff. The precision engineered technology from Water Maze is built to handle any wastewater drainage from manufacturing or industrial cleaning. Developed in 1989, the wastewater processing equipment from Water Maze is continually improved upon and updated for new technologies. 

With full UL safety certification and compliance with international ISO-9001 standards, you can count on Water Maze equipment to be reliable and long-lasting for wastewater treatment in your Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming facility. 

As an authorized dealer for service and sales of Water Maze wastewater treatment systems, Watts Steam Store can help your business achieve new levels of efficiency and cost-savings. 

Wastewater Treatment Equipment and Recycling Systems for Industrial Use

Water Maze outpaces every other manufacturer in selection and quantity of wastewater treatment and recycling systems. They can meet the needs for every high pressure cleaning industry, and Watts Steam Store can help you find the most applicable equipment along the way.

New Innovator Series

Introducing the latest innovation in Water Treatment Solutions

With a combination of electro-coagulation and chemical treatment, the Innovator series of wastewater treatment equipment eliminates heavy solids, emulsified oils, and invasive metals from industrial wastewater. These new applications mean that Water Maze can recycle even the filthiest and most chemical-laden wastewater, helping your industry keep up with environmental regulations and other industry standards. 

Since 1989 Water Maze has revolutionized the industrial cleaning sector with quality wastewater treatment systems. The Innovator Series is the latest development in company innovations, and it should make a lasting impact on companies that produce heavily soiled wastewater. 

Equipment from the Innovator Series is designed from modular components that can be pieced together or used individually, furthering the system’s versatility and impact on industrial cleaning. 

This technological advancement in industrial wastewater treatment, available now from Watts Steam Store in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and surrounding communities, is the next step in purifying and treating every drop of dirty water runoff.