Hague WaterMax Water Softener Systems

This whole house water filter system removes over 88 contaminants including petroleum products and chemicals.

  • Does not use a filter, so there is no filter replacement cost.  

  • Most efficient water softener on the market with salt.  

  • Quiet

  • Removes chlorine taste.  

  • 25 Year warranty

  • Compact

  • Flow rate 19.5 gpm

WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water softener system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation — highly efficient in water, salt and time.


From our computerized solid-state Systems Control to our exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build WaterMax® water softeners. We employ the most innovative engineers in the industry and have won 7 U.S. patents ensuring that WateMax® provides years of trouble-free water treatment in your home, which is why it is known throughout the world.

The WaterMax water softener will work for you in ensuring that your entire house receives the benefits of soft, clean water. You’ll be able to taste the freshness of sweet corn, feel the softness of a new shirt and say goodbye to that film around the tub.

And it won’t just do good work, it will look good too. The styling of a WaterMax® is as impressive as its operational capabilities. There simply is no better looking water softener on the market today. Even the texture of the cabinet is quality you can feel.

WaterMax® regenerates on demand, by calendar or by exact water usage.


The flexibility of the solid state Smart Touch Control makes it possible. A 12-volt low voltage power supply powers the Systems Control.

·       Full Color Touch Screen Controller

·       Easy To Set

·       Maintains program settings during power outages

·       Absolute Brining – Never Wastes Regenerant

·       Capacity Guard – Protects Reserve Bed

·       Languages: English, Spanish, French

·       Calculates Compensated Hardness

·       Gallons or Liters

·       No Hazardous Voltages

The team at Watts Steam Store is eager to help you with your water softener in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming with WaterMax. We also offer maintenance and replacement parts. Learn more about these financially-feasible products by reaching out to a Watts Steam Store sales associate.  (800) 488-6215